City Police arrest close to 40 suspects

26 Jul 2017 12:00pm
WINDHOEK, 26 JUL (NAMPA) - The City Police have arrested close to 40 suspected criminals over the past three weeks.
City Police Chief, Abraham Kanime told Nampa on Tuesday the suspects were arrested for crimes relating to house breaking, theft out of motor vehicles, Automated Teller Machine theft, and card cloning, amongst others.
He said criminals in Namibia no longer specialise in one kind of crime, which requires policing from the community.
“It is up to the community and the police to see how we can make our operations more successful. You should not wait until a crime is committed; just call the police if you are suspicious of some activity,” Kanime urged.
He said house breaking and robbery now also occur during the day.
The police chief described one incident in which two suspects were arrested during a housebreaking in Windhoek West on Tuesday. One suspect got away.
He said a member of the public alerted the police to the suspicious activity.
“When we arrested them, we found a suspected stolen laptop, which we later confirmed was robbed from a student, whom we are still looking for.”
Kanime urged members of the public to refrain from carrying electronics in a visible manner as it attracts unwanted attention, adding everybody should know the police’s contact details.
“When you call us, within five minutes we will always try our level best to be there and this will eliminate the chance of someone committing a crime and getting away with it.”