Henties Bay stolen meat suspects return to court

25 Jul 2017 13:40pm
HENTIES BAY, 25 JUL (NAMPA) – Henties Bay Mayor Herman /Honeb and co-accused Walter Hoeseb made their second court appearance here on Tuesday in connection with suspected stolen meat.
/Honeb, 54, and Hoeseb, 37, who are related, were arrested last month.
/Honeb is charged with accepting and/or buying and transporting meat without legal documents, while Hoeseb allegedly delivered and sold a full cow carcass worth N.dollars 8 000 to /Honeb without legal documents.
Hoeseb did not have a legal representative but told the court he is represented by lawyer Vetu Uanivi.
Prosecutor Dalon Quickfall told the court all statements were obtained and investigations on the matter are at an advanced stage.
Only photos from the scene of the crime are missing, he said and asked for the case to be postponed to 27 September 2017 for such photos to be obtained.
Representing /Honeb, lawyer Shakespeare Masiza asked the court and the investigation officer to make sure there will be no further postponement due to incomplete investigations.
“If it happens that we come here again and the investigations are not complete, I suggest the case be struck from the roll because obviously somebody is not doing their job,” said Masiza.
He said his client was hastily arrested but now the police are slow to complete investigations.
“If this case drags on for long it could deny justice to my client.”
He suggested that the next court appearance be used to set up a trial date.
The court then postponed the matter to 27 September when it will decide on the way forward.
The duo is out on bail.