Omusati governor apologises for humiliating remarks

24 Jul 2017 18:00pm
OUTAPI, 24 JUL (NAMPA) - Omusati Regional Governor, Erginus Endjala has publicly apologised for an audio recording of a tribally-motivated conversation between himself and a certain Taimi Tekla Iimbili.
Endjala presented his apology to journalists who attended a media conference he held at his office at Outapi Monday morning.
In the recording, Endjala labelled Oshindonga-speaking Namibians as “generational traitors”, starting from their late King (omukwaniilwa) Nehale lyaMpingana.
Endjala was recorded as telling Iimbili that Oshindonga-speaking people “have a track record of selling out” since the era of the country’s liberation struggle.
In the same recording he singled out Fillemon Nangolo, well-known as Castro, Andreas Shipanga and Peter Nayemba as the liberation struggle traitors from the Ondonga tribe, and Swapo coordinator for the Oshikoto Region, Armas Amukwiyu, and the Affirmative Repositioning leader, Job Amupanda, as the sitting traitors within Swapo.
Endjala has been described on social media as a tribalist, as a result of the audio recording.
Although he admitted that the audio recording indeed carries the conversation between him and Iimbili, he on the other hand denied being a tribalist.
“I also did not expect the private discussion to be recorded and circulated in that fashion. I am not a tribalist,” said Endjala.
He explained that he received a call from Iimbili towards the end of June 2017, whereby they had a private conservation which led him answering questions without knowing that he was being trapped.
“It is not the first time that Iimbili is calling me in that fashion and with such motives. She is the only one who knows why she let the audio go viral,” Endjala noted.
The Omusati governor expressed concern that what Iimbili did was not right as the conservation was just for the two of them and not to be shared with anyone else, as they are good friends and Swapo comrades since way back.
He addressed his apology first to President Hage Geingob, as his appointing authority, and all those to whom his discussion with Iimbili “may have caused any inconvenience or pain”.
Asked if the higher authority had pressurised him to give an apology, Endjala said he has done so voluntarily.
Approached for comment, Iimbili declined to be associated with the audio recording in question, saying she knows nothing of it.
“I have not listened to the recording he is talking about, can you please forward it to me,” Iimbili replied before cutting short the conversation with Nampa.