Former drug addict cooks soup for vulnerable children in Rundu

24 Jul 2017 16:30pm
RUNDU, 24 JULY (NAMPA) – A chef working at a local restaurant in Rundu on Friday provided soup to vulnerable children from the Kavango Orphanage Home.
Gerome Jessy Mouton, who is head chef at a popular restaurant here, told Nampa it was the first time he gave soup to the vulnerable but it will become a monthly event from now on.
He did so with the help of the restaurant management.
Asked what motivated him to cook soup, Mouton said it dawned on him to help the vulnerable after evaluating his transformation from a drug addict to a chef.
“Why can’t we sacrifice something to people that do not have when we have?” Mouton asked.
Monica Afredo, owner of the orphanage, said she was happy to see the children provided with a meal, because it signified that there are still good people who are doing good deeds for others.
She said the orphanage takes care of over 20 vulnerable children every day, some of whom she pays for to attend a kindergarden close to the homes.
As the children were busy drinking their soup, Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo had a chat with them.
Sinimbo applauded the good deed done by Mouton, adding that she wished the town had a 1 000 people like him that could think of vulnerable people and provide them with a meal.