Ohangwena community policing network dreams of vehicle

21 Jul 2017 18:40pm
ONGHA, 21 JUL (NAMPA) – The Ohangwena Region's Women and Men Network against Crime are gathered at Ongha village to raise funds for an official vehicle.
The fundraising, which started on Sunday and is to end this Sunday, is in the form of a trade show.
Members of the network from all over the region have put up stands as per their respective branches and are trading traditional food and drinks with the intention to raise money and buy a vehicle for their transportation.
The Ohangwena Namibian Police Force (NamPol) and Oukwanyama traditional Councillor for Ongha village, Mariam Kautwima, each contributed N.dollars 500 towards the network's initiative.
NamPol Commander in the region, Commissioner Shinedima Shindinge said the community-policing group continues working hand-in-hand with the Police in combating crime.
In a statement read on his behalf at the official opening of the fundraising event on Thursday, Shindinge said the network continues providing relevant information that has led to the arrest of perpetrators that disturb the public peace and stability.
“Although members of NamPol in the region are working hard to prevent crime and violence and maintain law and order, it is obvious that the Police alone cannot succeed without community intervention in policing,” Shindinge said.
He said community participation is therefore required to prevent, detect or reduce the commissioning of crimes in the community.
“The Women and Men Network is our important partner in fighting crimes,” he emphasised, adding the network is an initiative of NamPol and founded on the principles of community policing.
Sindinge said the network was found with the viewpoint to promote and support organisational strategies to address the cause of crime and social disorders.
The group comprises patriotic Namibians, who are fed-up with social evils being committed in the community and who have decided to partner with NamPol in crime prevention and detection.
Speaking at the same function, Coordinator of the Women and Men Network in the Ohangwena Region, Nestor Moses said the policing body was established in 2011 by a few volunteers.
“The number of volunteers has rapidly increased and we now have 4 097 members stationed at 267 branches/centres throughout the region,” Moses said.
He explained that in 2013, the group raised more than N. dollars 260 000 that it used to establish its eight-room regional office at Ongha village, while the second office is under construction at Okakwa village.
In 2016, he said, the group raised close to N.dollars 400 000 that it used to acquire uniforms for 2 700 of its members.
“We have also established a trust fund which caters for emergency cases such as the death of a member or when a member is affected by a natural catastrophe,” he said.
The group on Thursday donated food items to 10 disadvantaged people during the official opening of their week-long fundraising event.
Members of the Women and Men Network from the sister regions of Oshana, Omusati and Oshikoto also attended the official opening event.