Ondonga King Elifas fires his traditional councillors

19 Jul 2017 19:10pm
ONGWEDIVA, 19 JUL (NAMPA) – King (Omukwaniilwa) of Ondonga, Immanuel Kauluma Elifas has finally dismissed Peter Kauluma, John Walenga, Joseph Asino and Vilho Kamanya as senior members of the Ondonga Traditional Authority Council (OTAC).
Elifas’ Press Aid and Senior Councillor of Ondonga’s Oniimwandi Traditional District, Naeman Amalwa told Nampa of the dismissals in a telephone interview on Wednesday.
Amalwa also confirmed the dismissal of junior councillors, Kashona kaMalulu, Fillemon Nambili and Tonata Ngulu.
Elifas in April this year suspended the said senior and junior councillors on alleged gross misconduct ranging from conspiracy and contravention of the customary laws and practices of the Ondonga traditional community to insubordination and dishonestly misleading the community.
They were also accused of attempting to institute court proceeding against Elifas.
Amalwa told this news agency that junior councillor Josef Akawa, who was also suspended together with others, survived the dismissal.
According to Amalwa, Akawa survived for attending the disciplinary hearing conducted by an independent person at the Ondonga Palace recently.
“Summons were issued and served several times upon all those councillors and none except one, Josef Akawa, has appeared before the hearing proceedings,” Amalwa explained.
He added that the disciplinary hearing was conducted in their absentia and on Friday Elifas, as the appointing authority, decided to dismiss them for dishonouring their rights to be heard.
Amalwa said the Ondangwa District, which was headed by Walenga, is now divided into two districts and Elifas has appointed Ondangwa Mayor Paavo Amwele and Oshakati businessman Erastus Mvula as new senior councillors for the two Ondangwa traditional districts.
Elifas has also appointed Reinhold Nepolo to replace Asino at Oniiwe District; Naeman Fillemon Kambala to replace Kamanya at Amuteya District; and Nepando Amupanda to replace Kauluma at Ongula yaNetanga.
Amupanda also serves as acting secretary of the Ondonga Traditional Authority Council.
Amalwa indicated that the appointment of the new senior councillors is effective from Thursday, 20 July.
The replacement for kaMalulu, Nambili and Ngulu is yet to be done by senior councillors of their respective districts.
Amwele and Mvula confirmed their appointments as senior councillors when approached for comment on Wednesday.