Omaruru School of Arts students to provide look and feel of artist trail

17 Jul 2017 12:30pm
OMARURU, 17 JUL (NAMPA) - The Omaruru School of Arts will create the look and feel of the 11th Omaruru Artist Trail’s opening night, which will take place under the theme ‘vintage and recycling’.
The artist trail takes place over three days from 21 September.
Activities include a ‘long table dinner’ by candlelight on the first night, hosted by South African actress Elzabe Zietsman in Helmut Angula Street near the Omaruru River.
Other activities will include art exhibitions, theatre performances and the ‘OmaRoer’ Food and Wine Show.
The head of the arts school, Erica Kolling told Nampa on Friday three different classes at the school are busy creating various works of art for the decor for the night.
“The arts school will provide most of the fine art and crafts works for the opening night. We will bring along our own theme inspired by our learners’ diverse cultures,” Kolling said.
More than 60 learners will display their art.
“We believe the after school classes we provide since 2013 keep youth off the streets while nurturing their artistic skills” Kolling said.
“As parents send more kids to the school we will be motivated in what we give back to the community”.
The art school also hopes to sell some of arts and crafts on the night.
The school’s two teachers, Raymond Heibeb and Camille de Walt, told this news agency their classes are working on various artefacts to set the mood on the night, such as candle holders and snacks holders, amongst others.
Artists and art lovers have descended on Omaruru every September since 2007 for the Omaruru Artist Trail, which has grown to cater for a wide variety of arts enthusiasts.
The Omaruru Cultural Association organises the event.