Being a guide allows me to see the world: Kamuaruuma

13 Jul 2017 19:00pm
By Hesron Kapanga
LONDON, 13 JUL (NAMPA) - New guide under the Namibian Paralympic Committee (NPC), Sydney Kamuaruuma is confident that guiding will help him improve his athletic career while travelling the world.
Kamuaruuma is currently in London assisting T11 athlete Lahja Ishitile at the 2017 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Athletics Championships, which start Friday and end 23 July.
Guides are compulsory in the T11 class as athletes competing at this level are nearly or totally visually impaired. Guides are optional in the T12 class.
In track events, a guide runs with and next to an athlete, shouting instructions and encouraging them from the start to the finish line.
They are connected through a tether, which must be made of a non-stretchable material that is tied around the wrists or held between the fingers.
A guide must be able to keep pace and have the potential to run faster than the athlete.
Speaking to Nampa on Thursday, Kamuaruuma said being a guide will make him gain experience that will help him qualify for able body championships held in the future.
He added that since he became a guide he started travelling the world and learning new things, which is every athlete’s dream.
“This is my first time travelling to Europe and I am really happy and looking forward to the competition because I want to help Lahja win a gold medal which will in turn motivate me to also start focusing on my dream of qualifying for major competitions as an athlete,” he said.
He added that despite the IPC World Athletic Championships stage being bigger than the events he competed in before, he is not afraid of the competition they will face on the track.
Kamuaruuma runs 100 metre (m), 200m and 400m events in his personal capacity.
He said joining the NPC team is the greatest thing that any athlete can wish for, as it exposes them to different types of competitions which is good for their personal gain and experience.
Earlier this year he travelled with the NPC team to the Nedbank South Africa Sport Association for the Physically Disabled (SASAPD) National Championships.
He was Moses Tobias’ guide.