Docket in Ramakhultla's death not in court for second time

29 Oct 2013 13:50pm
WINDHOEK, 29 OCT (NAMPA) - The docket in the case of three City Police officers arrested in April this year in connection with an assault which allegedly resulted in the death of 17-year-old Mandela Ramakhutla, has not yet been brought before court.
Initially, the docket was expected to be brought before court on 09 October this year, and the unavailability of docket on that day forced the postponement of the case to 29 October this year.
However on Tuesday, the docket was once again not brought before court, and Windhoek Magistrate Hileni Riana Kavara, who presided over the case, issued a final remand of the case until 07 November this year in order to allow members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)'s investigating team to bring the docket of the case before court.
“This is a final remand of the case to allow the police to bring the docket before court,” said Magistrate Kavara as she granted the postponement.
The suspected City Police officers are Elia Nakale, Werner Johannes Shikekela and Kleofas Shikalepo Kapalanga (ages not given).
The three men were initially charged with assault, but this charge was changed to murder after the boy’s death.
The late Ramakhutla was arrested on 16 April this year on suspicion of theft, and was later allegedly brutally assaulted by the three police officers.
He was suspected of having stolen laptops from an office building in the capital three weeks prior to his arrest.
Ramakhutla died in the Katutura State Hospital's Intensive Care Unit on 24 April 2013, a day after the three police officers were released on bail on the initial assault charge.
The accused are free on bail of N.dollars 3 000 each, and their bail was also extended until their next court appearance on 07 November this year
Windhoek-based defence lawyer Orben Sibeya is representing the trio, while Public Prosecutor Oscar Sinvula represented the State today.