Key opportunities between Namibia and Zimbabwe

29 Oct 2013 12:00

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), together with a business delegation, has identified five key areas to help them pursue a business partnership between Namibia and Zimbabwe.

NCCI chief executive officer, Tarah Shaanika, led a delegation of 14 business people in Harare, Zimbabwe, in the course of last week to identify key areas of trade and investment opportunities in that country.

The key identified opportunities include Agri and Agro-processing, as Zimbabwean farmers have a lot of technical capacity and skills for agro-processing that Namibians could benefit from. Fish farming was another area the delegates found Namibians could benefit from, especially in tilapia fishing.

Both parties have identified the need of joint-venture partnerships in minerals and natural resources and NCCI intends to facilitate the formation of these partnerships.
Tourism was also identified as an area Namibia could learn from to upscale the standards of related local services.

Apart from those, the import and export sector was found as another important opportunity in which both countries have various products eligible for related services.

Export products include horse mackerel, meat, salt, beverages and building materials. On the other hand, Namibia could import products such as tilapia, timber, sugar and Agri-implements.

Namibia is currently an importer of Zimbabwean products, although they are imported through country agents, which considerably inflates the eventual cost.

Shaanika notes a Direct Trade Agreement to enable the two countries to directly import and export was reached between the two parties last week.

The follow-up visit in the first quarter of 2014, aimed at making concrete business details in identified areas, will be composed by a bigger business delegation.