Weapons drawn in troubled Paradys over land

29 Oct 2013 09:10am
KEETMANSHOOP, 29 OCT (NAMPA) – Two relatives’ fight over land in the Berseba Constituency’s Paradys area culminated in the men attacking each other with a spear, panga and pistol last Friday.
Johannes Benedictus Titus, 56 and his uncle Ludwig Beukes, 79, have been at loggerheads over a piece of land for some time.
The land allegedly belongs to Beukes, but Titus has settled there and is refusing to move, even going as far as saying that he wants to register it in his name.
In February this year, Titus told Nampa that he came from the /Uibes area of Berseba in 2004 to take care of Beukes’s house when the latter went abroad for two months to visit family.
He said when Beukes returned from abroad, they, however, had family problems, which created ‘bad blood’ between them.
The situation escalated to such an extent that Titus laid a charge of assault against his uncle with the Namibian Police after Beukes allegedly threatened to shoot him in 2012.
On Friday, the two men who now stay close to each other renewed their fight, with Titus allegedly attacking his uncle with a spear and panga, causing open wounds on his right hand and fingers in the process.
Crime Investigations’ Coordinator of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the //Karas Region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Isaak told this news agency on Monday that Titus allegedly also destroyed the fence surrounding his uncle’s house.
In retaliation, Beukes apparently ran to his car, retrieved a pistol and started shooting in the direction of Titus and his family before throwing him (Titus) with stones.
“Beukes also destroyed a chicken coop belonging to Titus, before he shot and damaged his water tank. Titus’s family ran and hid behind the house as Beukes continued to fire shots in their direction,” a police incident report obtained from Isaak reads.
Police said Beukes laid a charge of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, as well as that of malicious damage to property against his nephew.
Titus also laid counter-charges of attempted murder and malicious damage to property.
The duo were arrested by the police on Friday, and appeared in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where they were released on bail of N.dollars 1 000 each.
Isaak noted that all the weapons used in the fight were confiscated by the police.
The cases were postponed to 22 November 2013 for further police investigations, and to allow the accused to obtain legal representation.
Meanwhile, Titus was issued with an eviction order by the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority at Berseba, through the police, on 31 January 2013, which instructed him to leave the Paradys area and move back to /Uibes, where he had lived previously.
He defied the eviction order and stayed put as he accuses the authority of victimising him, apparently because he does not support them.
Titus alleged that the authority wanted him gone because he supports Johannes Fleermuys, an unrecognised chief who leads a splinter group of the Goliath clan at Berseba and Snyfontein.
The chief of the /Hai-/Khaua Traditional Authority, Johannes Isaak, in February brushed off the claims that they were evicting the farmer because he did not support them.
“We evicted him because he is a troublemaker,” Isaak told this news agency in February.
In a separate incident earlier this month, Paradys resident Hendrik Visser laid a common assault charge against Antonius Losper after he allegedly assaulted him over a revolver shot he had fired at a borehole in Paradys.
Losper, in turn, accused Visser of threatening to shoot him and one of his brothers’ Donavan Losper’s herdsmen, admitting that he knocked him out with his fist when he put his hand on the pistol.