Hardap elects first woman as Swapo coordinator

06 Jul 2017 18:50pm
MARIENTAL, 06 JUL (NAMPA) – The Hardap Region on Wednesday held its Swapo Regional Elective Conference in spite of disagreements arising from recently held district conferences in the region.
For the first time the region elected a woman, Elize Karigus, as regional coordinator.
Newly elected treasurer, Edward Wambo said all eight districts were represented at the conference.
Wambo told Nampa Wednesday that everything went well and the people of Hardap once again showed the unity of the party in the region.
He said despite the minor challenges the party had, it came out victorious in the end.
“The elective results showed that we are united and willing to stand together,” he said.
Wambo congratulated outgoing Regional Coordinator Stefanus Tiboth for his wisdom and the foundation he laid during his five-year tenure, saying they will still tap from his wisdom.
According to a source close to the party, a concerned group submitted a letter prior to the conference to the party’s politburo to nullify all regional district elections.
Contacted for comment on Thursday, assigned leader to the region, Katrina Hanse Himarwa said the conference went peacefully and in good spirit.
“Apart from the concerned group made up of Nico Mugenga (Mariental Urban Constituency Councillor), Special Advisor to the Hardap Governor Alfred Stefanus Dax, Theo Diergaardt, Simon Dukeleni (Mariental Rural Constituency Councillor) and former Hardap Chief Regional Officer (CRO) Yvonne Boois, who wrote a letter asking for the nullification of all section and branch [elections], I think it went well,” Hanse-Himarwa said.
She said she called Mugenga before the conference on Wednesday to meet with her and the regional executive to sort out any issues they felt needed to be addressed, but they failed to honour the appointment.
“I told Mugenga to raise their issues in the presence of the alleged perpetrators as their allegations can only be tested with the alleged perpetrators present,” Hanse-Himarwa said.
She further said she asked all district leaders to confirm or deny the allegations made by the concerned group that section and branch meetings were not held and thus the representation was illegal.
“All the district leaders with evidence denied the allegations and said it was done as per the Swapo Constitution and guidelines,” Hanse-Himarwa said.
She said she sat with the concerned group on 04 July until 02h00 in the morning to hear their side, but did not see any evidence and grounds from the disgruntled group to nullify elections conducted at section and branch conferences.
Meanwhile, Wambo, who was previously information and mobilisation secretary, went unopposed for the regional treasurer position.
Karigus was elected regional coordinator, while Michael Situde was endorsed by the conference as information and mobilisation secretary on the basis of gender representation.