Lack of accommodation forces KWRC to transport staff

06 Jul 2017 15:40pm
By Peter Muronga
RUNDU, 06 JUL (NAMPA) - Close to 17 staff members of the Kavango West Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture are transported daily between Rundu and Nkurenkuru over a total distance of 240 kilometres.
The directorate, which falls under the Kavango West Regional Council (KWRC), has since 02 June been transporting the administrative staff in a 17-seater minibus from Rundu where they live, to Nkurenkuru for work.
Approached for comment on Monday, Educational Director in the region, Teopolina Hamutumua told Nampa the transport is necessitated by the lack of accommodation in Nkurenkuru.
She said none of the seconded employees have so far received official accommodation or any support to obtain accommodation from the council because of lack of availability of houses.
The search for accommodation is thus left to staff members.
The operational manual of the secondment of staff to regional councils and local authorities states that such institutions make budgetary provisions for employees’ rent if staff has private accommodation.
The director said some staff has houses in Rundu, which makes it difficult for them to buy other houses in Nkurenkuru, because rental rates in Nkurenkuru have soared due to the anticipated arrival of relocating staff.
“That is why approval was granted to provide transport for a period of two months to staff members, whose offices have been relocated and have not yet secured accommodation in Nkurenkuru,” said Hamutumua.
This staff will only be transported until 31 July 2017 and in the meantime should look for accommodation in Nkurenkuru.
Hamutumua said the directorate spends about N.dollars 6 595.05 monthly on fuel to transport the staff.
This money comes from the N.dollars 50 218 million allocated to the directorate for the 2017/2018 financial year. All 80 schools in the region are catered for under the same budget.
Staff of the directorate operates from offices in the Matukuchila Complex under a two-year lease agreement.
The directorate has so far appointed 64 staff members and 110 vacant posts exist.