Swakop Uranium supports Tsiseb Conservancy

04 Jul 2017 13:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 04 JUL (NAMPA) – The Tsiseb Conservancy in the Erongo Region on Tuesday received anti-poaching equipment worth nearly N.dollars 32 000 from the Swakop Uranium Foundation.
The equipment include tents, pots, binoculars and torches.
The conservancy is situated in the Uis area. It covers an area of more than 8 000 hectares and is home to zebras, ostriches, oryx, kudus and springbok.
Handing over the donation, Vice-president of Human Resources and Business Support at Swakop Uranium, Percy McCallum said the donation is done in support of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).
He said their aim is to strengthen employment creation at the conservancy and as such contribute to the HPP.
“Employment will improve the lives of the people of Uis,” said McCallum.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Swakop Uranium, Cei Yusheng noted that the company supports human-wildlife coexistence and its benefit to the community.
Zacharias Seibeb, the deputy chief of the Daure-Daman Traditional Authority that manages the conservancy, said the equipment will improve patrols carried out by game rangers.
“Currently, patrols are slow due to a lack of equipment.”
Chairperson of the Conservancy Management Committee, Bill Xaweb said the conservancy has four rangers, three men and one woman, who are employed full time.
He said the idea is to recruit two more so there can be more surveillance around the park to protect the game against poachers.
Xaweb said last year, they recorded five cases of poaching where the poachers were charged, convicted and fined in a court of law.
This year, he said, only one case was recorded and this was as a result of the rangers’ presence.
The Ministry of Environment and Tourism allocates hunting quotas to conservancies every year, depending on available stock.
The traditional authority and the community benefit from such quotas through meat donations and cash from trophy hunting.