Health ministry promises to settle debt with Ombandje Security Services

29 Jun 2017 12:00pm
OTJIWARONGO, 29 JUN (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) has promised to pay Ombandje Security Services and avoid security guards going on strike.
The company is contracted to guard MoHSS properties in Otjiwarongo.
This follows a threat by approximately 20 guards that they will down tools after not receiving salaries for the past four months.
Most joined the company in 2012 and earn a salary of between N.dollars 1 800 and N.dollars 2 500.
Company owner, Kahende Kaumuii Kaure on Wednesday blamed the ministry for not paying him over the past four months, and as a result he could not process guards’ salaries.
Reacting Wednesday afternoon, MoHSS Spokesperson Manga Libita told Nampa via email her ministry has initiated the process of settling the debt to companies for security services rendered and other matters.
“However, this process may take time, but the security company in question will receive its payments very soon,” said Libita.
She did not want to reveal how much money is due to the security company.