Alweendo and Kashikola are Ohangwena delegates to Swapo Congress

27 Jun 2017 13:10pm
EENHANA, 27 JUN (NAMPA) – Minister of Economic Planning and Director-General of the National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo and Safety and Security Deputy Minister Daniel Kashikola are among delegates from the Ohangwena Region to the Swapo-party national congress in November.
They were elected during a regional conference held at Eenhana on Sunday.
Party Coordinator in Ohangwena, Hafeni Hatutale on Monday confirmed their election, saying
Alweendo and Kashikola were elected together with the party’s regional mobiliser, Tuyeimo Hamukwaya-Nathingo and Eenhana Town Council member, Ester Kavela as Ohangwena candidates for the “Swapo pot”.
The Swapo pot, or Electoral College, elects candidates to represent the party in the National Assembly, depending on the number of votes won during the national election.
The same conference on Sunday re-elected Hatutale as the party’s regional coordinator, after serving in that position for more than three years.
Hatutale won with 47 votes. His challengers were the party’s administrator Willem Shatimwene, former Ohangwena regional councillor for Epembe Constituency Johannes Kamati Nakwafila and Titus Nghipewa.
Shatimwene received 35 votes; Nghipewa, six; and Nakwafila, who is said to have contested in absentia, zero votes.
Hatutale said Hamukwaya-Nathingo’s position was not contested because her five-year term in office started in April 2016.
Former Ohangwena regional councillor for the Ongenga Constituency, Leonard Shimutwikeni was elected as new regional treasurer, taking over from long-serving Usko Nghaamwa, who is also Ohangwena regional governor.