Omaruru savings scheme start constructing houses

26 Jun 2017 10:10am
OMARURU 26 JUN (NAMPA) – ‘River C’, a Shack Dwellers Federation housing scheme in Omaruru, on Saturday commenced with the construction of 26 houses after years of technical and natural delays.
When completed, it will bring the total number of houses constructed under the federation here to 117.
The 26 River C beneficiaries qualified for housing loans from the federation in 2013 after saving at least N.dollars 3 000 for land, N.dollars 2 800 for building materials and N.dollars 800 for insurance. They received land the following year but construction was delayed after the Omaruru Town Council was suspended, and then again last year because of a water shortage due to drought.
“I feel very lucky given all the challenges we experienced since we joined the federation in 2010,” recipient Elizabeth Goses told Nampa on Sunday.
Goses, a domestic worker, said the process was slow but she is happy that construction has started.
Kathira Ekandjo, who just finished making 915 building blocks for his house, said he will fast track the construction by assisting the builder, and believes it should be done in 30 days.
“It’s a joy really; I am looking forward to having my own house,” Ekandjo said.
Johanson Masina, who had been saving through the group since 2013, was also delighted by the prospect of owning a house.
He said the federation is a lifeline for his family, who had been renting for decades.
Regional facilitator of the federation’s Community Land Information Programme, Lisias Lazarus told this agency on Monday that five other saving schemes with a combined 178 members are retaining funds and should start constructing their houses as soon as a number of technical hiccups with the municipality are solved.