Ondonga leadership feud claims more casualties

25 Jun 2017 18:10pm
UUDHIYA, 25 JUN (NAMPA) – Head of Ondonga’s Onyelelo sub-district, Petrus Shambo Martin is the latest casualty in the long chain of dismissals over three months in the Ondonga Traditional Authority.
Martin confirmed to Nampa at the weekend that he received a dismissal letter through a WhatsApp group message from an unknown cell phone number, informing him that he is no longer the leader of Onyelelo sub-district.
The same letter, seen by Nampa, indicates that King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas of Ondonga has also dismissed Martin as the headman of Okadhimeti village. It accuses Martin of transgression.
“WhatsApp is a ghost to me. Therefore, I reject that letter and I remain waiting the messenger of Omukwaniilwa to come deliver it to me physically and my misconduct to be thoroughly explained to me,” Martin said.
He alleged that continuous dismissal of leaders without procedural hearings had become the order of the day in Ondonga.
Approached for comment, a Spokesperson of the Ondonga Traditional Authority Council, Nepando Amupanda said the dismissal letter Martin had received was authentic.
“It has the signature of Omukwaniilwa (King Elifas) and that is his own problem if he did not accept it,” Amupanda stated.
Meanwhile, another dimension of the Ondonga Traditional Authority leadership feud surfaced Saturday, when the Uukwanambwa District’s new senior councillor, Ester gwaShamba Nepando, appointed Alwin Nashongo as acting head of Uudhengelo sub-district.
Nashongo is taking over from Fillemon Nambili, whom King (Omukwaniilwa) Elifas suspended with seven other traditional councillors, Peter Kauluma, John Walenga, Vilho Kamanya, Joseph Asino, Kashona kaMalulu, Joseph Akawa and Tonata Ngulu in April.
Speaking during the appointment of Nashongo at Uudhengelo village, Nepando said the eight councillors had been suspended for clandestinely attempting to take Elifas to court for reasons only known to them.
Nambili was both the head of Uudhengelo sub-district and Uudhiya village, and as such from Uudhengelo, Nepando proceeded to Uudhiya village to appoint Abisai Kapunda to act as the headman of that village.
A handful of village headmen and villagers, including Nambili, attended the two appointment occasions.
Spokesperson of Uukwanambwa District, Frans Shidhudhu introduced Nepando to the villagers as their new senior councillor during the Uudhengelo and Uudhiya meetings.
Elifas earlier this year appointed Nepando as senior councillor for Uukwanambwa District after he dismissed Wilbard Lidker from the same position due to an alleged transgression.