Perivoli Trust trains more pre-school teachers

24 Jun 2017 14:20pm
ONDANGWA, 24 JUN (NAMPA) – Chief Community Liaison Officer in the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in the Oshana Region, Laina Iileka said Early Child Education is a wise investment a parent can make.
Iileka said this whilst addressing Early Child Development (ECD) teachers from Ohangwena, Oshana and Oshikoto regions, who on Thursday received certificates after undergoing a one-year and six-month free training in classroom activities offered by the Perivoli Schools Trust.
According to Iileka, the returns to investment in childhood education are immeasurable because ECD helps prepare young children to succeed in school and become better citizens.
She said ECD minimises repetition, provides remedial education and reduces school dropouts. It also helps reduce unemployment, lowers criminal cases and prison costs.
Iileka said she believed ECD contributes to the development of spiritual, physical, social and intellectual well-being of a child.
“The time has come to move ECD up to all levels, more especially at community level, in order to benefit from the advantages that come with it.”
Head of Perivoli, Mike Chart, in an exclusive interview with Nampa shortly after the graduation event said the teachers’ training programme had helped young and vibrant Namibians to become better kindergarten teachers at no cost.
The Perivoli programme was introduced in the country in 2012 and offers one-year ECD teacher training which covers eight modules pertaining to classroom activities.
The programme targets those who are already working in pre-primary schools with or without qualifications.
To date, Chart said, 2 175 Perivoli certificates have been awarded in Namibia.
“This week we awarded 92 certificates in Omusati Region and 136 Basic Certificates and 13 Advanced Certificates here in Oshana Region,” he said.
Chart said his Trust has a coordinator and a team of five or six local Perivoli trainers for the regions of Ohangwena, Oshana, Oshikoto and Omusati, where another graduation event was held on Wednesday.
In January this year, Perivoli started operating in Malawi and is expected to start in Zambia in the few next months.