Honour Ya Toivo by shaping Namibia: Venaani

23 Jun 2017 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 23 JUN (NAMPA) – Namibians can honour the life of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo by shaping and defining a Namibia worthy of the fallen hero, DTA of Namibia President McHenry Venaani has said.
He said this as leader of the official opposition at the memorial service of Ya Toivo here on Friday.
According to Venaani, it is incumbent on the citizens and leaders of Namibia to define a country that is not only politically liberated but also economically liberated.
He urged Namibians to take ownership of the rich natural resources and graduate from a raw material extracting economy to becoming a big player in the global market place at the end of the value chain by mass producing and adding value to the country’s raw materials.
“Andimba and others of his generation have freed us from the chains of political enslavement; in honouring his legacy, let us together stand at attention and build a new Namibian civilization worthy of the blood of a man like him and the countless others whose blood waters our freedom,” Venaani remarked.
Ya Toivo died on 09 June 2017 and will be buried at Heroes’ Acre on Saturday.