Henties Bay mayor implicated in meat theft

20 Jun 2017 07:30am
SWAKOPMUND, 20 JUN (NAMPA) - Henties Bay Mayor Herman /Honeb appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate's Court on Monday in connection with a stolen cow carcass he allegedly bought.
The politician, who is represented by lawyer Shakespeare Masiza, was given bail of N.dollars 4 000.
His case was postponed to 25 July 2017 for further police investigation.
He is accused of buying a cow carcass from a supplier without documents proving its ownership and that it was legally sold.
The 54-year-old /Honeb, who is in the business of buying and selling meat, sold the carcass for N.dollars 4 000.
The carcass, worth about N.dollars 8 000 was recovered, and /Honeb voluntarily surrendered N.dollars 2 000 to the police.
He spent the weekend in the police holding cells.
Deputy Commissioner of the Namibian Police Force in Erongo Region, Erastus Iikuyu on Monday said /Honeb was charged with contravening the Stock Theft Act of 2004.
The Act prohibits the transportation and sale of meat between sunset and sunrise without legal documents.
Iikuyu said the police are investigating the possibility that someone stole and slaughtered the cow in the Uis area and sold it to the mayor.
“We will soon arrest the person who sold the carcass to /Honeb and charge him with stock theft,” said Iikuyu.
Investigations will determine whether the charge stays the same or will change.
“Should it be found that he knew the meat was stolen then he can be charged with stock theft,” noted the deputy commissioner.
Iikuyu said several cases of stock theft have been reported in the Uis area.