San Antonio encourages Windhoek to tackle water wastage

19 Jun 2017 16:00pm
By Sawi Hausiku
SAN ANTONIO, 19 JUN (NAMPA) – The City of Windhoek (CoW) has been advised to look into implementing stringent control measures against car wash businesses, in order to curtail water wastage.
Director of Water Conservation at the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in Texas, United States of America (USA) Karen Guz said San Antonio has 100 certified car wash locations.
“We check to make sure that the nozzle that the water comes out of uses lower gallons per minute,” Guz told Nampa here recently.
The nozzle alone can cut the use of water by about 30 per cent and still do a good job washing the car, she said.
CoW last year identified car wash businesses to be contributing heavily to water wastage due to the high volumes of water they use.
The city, in effort to cope with an acute water shortage that resulted from a persistent drought spanning some three years, implemented water restrictions to its residents.
It also banned the use of hosepipes for gardening, while reducing the use of water per person to no more than 90 litres per day.
“If San Antonio were to ever get into a very bad drought, only car washes that have the certification of water efficiency would be allowed to operate,” she said.
Guz said the technique is motivating for car wash owners as it saves them money and at the same time also saves water.
She said before the city introduced certification of car washes, some car washes would use close to 568 litres of water.
After certification, car washes reduce up to 30 to 40 per cent of this water.
The City of San Antonio entered into a sister city relationship with the City of Windhoek last year.