Au Golden Jubilee Should Not Be Celebrated - Kauandenge

26 May 2013 06:30

WINDHOEK, 26 MAY (NAMPA) ? The People?s Democratic Movement (PDM) says the people of Africa have no reason to celebrate the past 50 years of the African Union?s (AU) existence.
PDM President Joseph Kauandenge said there can be no justification for celebrating the existence of the AU while the people who waged the struggle for the liberation of the continent from colonialism and foreign domination continue to be poorer by the day.
Kauandenge made these remarks in a statement availed to Nampa here on Saturday.
?Freedom and constitutions do not guarantee food on the table for those who are hungry today, nor will long-winded speeches render their suffering any less painful,? he said.
He said many people who sacrificed their lives for Africa with the hope that their children will have better lives are forgotten in poverty without any social justice.
?What is there to celebrate while regionalism, tribalism and capitalism continue to inflict untold suffering on the continent?s marginalised communities? Different Heads of State across from this continent will celebrate 50 years of AU existence in styles with caviar and expensive wines. But what about the poor people who continue to flee their homes because of the man-made wars at their doorsteps,? Kauandenge wanted to know.
?What about those who cannot afford a decent life because the treasury has become the exclusive domain of a selected few. What will be our leaders? message to the people who are suffering because of the ill-planned, misplaced and selfish interests that are executed in the name of helping the poor while in reality they are aimed only at enriching themselves?? the PDM leader questioned.
He said the visions and dreams of the founding fathers have been betrayed by leaders who rule only to the benefit of the elite while the majority of the people on the African continent are still trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.
?It is time that leaders stood and smelled the coffee. Leaders who have been in charge over the past 50 years of unfulfilled promises should be replaced by leaders who are commitment to improving the living standards of their people. It is a sad day for mother Africa today,? said Kauandenge.