Tjiriange calls on traditional leaders to remember their people

19 Jun 2017 12:00pm
OKAHANDJA, 19 JUN (NAMPA) - Retired Swapo politician and former minister, Ngarikutuke Tjiriange said some traditional leaders in Namibia spend their time fighting for their own glorification, while forgetting about their people.
Speaking at the 121th commemoration of OvaMbanderu Traditional Authority and observation of the death of Chief Kahimenua Nguvauva here on Sunday, he said, traditional leaders should lead in unity and avoid division, as it will destroy the nation.
“We need unity so that we do not suffer like our forefathers did from the disaggregation amongst each other by the colonial oppression,” he said.
Tjiriange said the German colonial forces disunited people and formed ethnic homelands, which made it difficult for people to live together.
Nguvauva died on 12 June 1986 when he and Nikodemus Kambahahiza Kavikunua were executed by the Germans.
Tjiriange advised the youth to be united as the war of guns might be over but the nation is now in a war of hunger, ignorance, disunity and disasters that need liberation.
“You do not need guns for that, so start now and correctly; do not always think that you must be recognised, you must deserve the recognition,” said Tjiriange.
Over 200 people attended the commemoration that included a parade by the traditional OvaMbanderu military and performance by the St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Brass Band.