Children should be taught about importance of water management: Kniffen

18 Jun 2017 17:30pm
By Sawi Hausiku
MENARD, 18 JUN (NAMPA) – Namibian educators should teach children about the importance of water management and conservation, with a focus on rain water harvesting.
Renowned rainwater harvester Billy Kniffen said this when he recently invited Nampa to a community hall in Menard, Texas in the United States of America to look at the type of activities on rainwater harvesting he teaches children.
“To meet our needs we, as well as the future generations, must learn to manage our aquifers, rainfall, rivers, run-offs and other water supplies,” he said.
Nampa journalists are in the United States of America (USA) on a two-week long media cooperative programme, covering the USA’s response to the effects of drought and climate change.
Kniffen told this agency his activities are designed to help children visualise where water goes when it rains and how to be the best stewards of every drop of water.
One of the activities involved showing the children, who were aged between four and 12, how to collect water by way of a house with a corrugated iron roof and gutters.
“In the USA, there is abundant and safe water to use and play with. The average child in many other nations does not have that privilege,” Kniffen told the children.
Namibia has been experiencing a persistent drought for the past three years, which has affected over a quarter of the population who have no food security.
Kniffen said the government, teachers as well as parents should know that the concern about water supply and water quality issues will continue to increase as the population grows and the demand for water increases.
Kniffen, who is now retired from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, travels the United States to provide rain water harvesting education and systems to organisations across the country.
He has built a house that is fully sustainable, with rain harvesting incorporated into the design.