Gravel roads in //Karas to be tarred

26 Oct 2013 13:20pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 26 OCT (NAMPA) - The gravel road between Oranjemund and Rosh Pinah will be tarred early next year, //Karas Regional Governor Bernardus Swartbooi announced on Friday.
He was speaking at the annual meeting with employees of the //Karas Regional Council and other Government officials in Keetmanshoop where he updated them on development progress.
The 140 kilometre (km) gravel road from Aussenkehr to Lüderitz as well as the gravel road from Keetmanshoop to the Mata Mata Border-post which goes through Koes village, will also be tarred next year.
In addition, residents in towns such as Keetmanshoop, Lüderitz and Karasburg can also look forward to having roads in their towns upgraded and tarred.
Works and Transport Minister Erkki Nghimtina told the media at the groundbreaking ceremony for the tarring of Oshikuku-Onamutuku road in the Omusati Region in August that the increasing number of car accidents on Namibia's gravel roads has led to an increased demand for tarred roads.
“We have received confirmation from Government that these roads will be upgraded to bitumen. The tarred road from Mariental to Grünau will also be upgraded. However, Government is still deciding on whether the gravel road from Keetmanshoop to Aroab will also be tarred next year,” Swartbooi announced.
Other developments expected in the region next year include the construction of a weighbridge at the circle next to the Customs and Excise office in Keetmanshoop, as well as a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) for Karasburg.
Swartbooi noted that at the moment, plans are at an advanced stage to establish a N.dollars 2,5 million Swakara wool processing factory in Keetmanshoop, where blankets will also manufactured.
His office is also busy planting palm trees across the region, and aims to achieve a target of 7 000 plantings before the end of his term in 2014.
Swartbooi indicated that tree planting is necessary for beautifying the region, providing shade and inspiring young people especially to love and care for their environment.
“The same year, we will also establish a dry port in Keetmanshoop where goods from South Africa will be offloaded. Trucks from Windhoek will then pick up the goods from here and transport it to the rest of the regions. This will create employment for our people here and also cut the cost of transport,” said the governor.
He went on to say a feedlot worth N.dollars 1,4 million to be linked to Brukkaros Meat Processors will be established some 10 kilometres west of Keetmanshoop.
“The proclamations of Aussenkehr and Rosh Pinah as towns are also gaining momentum, and it will materialise very soon,” Swartbooi remarked.
He explained that from the 2013/14 budget, Government allocated a total of N.dollars 162 million to development projects in the //Karas Region.
The governor also noted that some development projects are made possible by the financial assistance of the private sector and the business community in the region.