Min of Urban and Rural Development customer service charter launched

15 Jun 2017 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 15 JUN (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development on Thursday launched its Customer Service Charter aimed at operational efficiency and excellence in service delivery to the public.
The 18-page booklet sets out the ministry’s commitments to provide service to customers that meets their expectations.
Launching the charter, Minister Sophia Shaningwa urged her staff to acquaint themselves with its content and to use it as their guide and daily reference document in carrying out their work.
“The charter is a re-affirmation of our pledge and unwavering commitment and re-dedication to provide the people of Namibia service that meets their expectations,” she said.
By displaying the charter, the ministry is re-affirming the rights of the public, its clients, to hold staff members accountable and to assess the quality and level of the services they are receiving.
“The charter is a serious commitment and undertaking, and is not just a mere document or publicity stunt,” Shaningwa said, urging staff members to live up to what they are committing to in the charter.
The Office of the Prime Minister has developed and adopted a public service reform initiative and performance management framework with the aim of transforming the Namibian public service at all levels into a performance and results-oriented organisation.
All offices, ministries and agencies of Government have been directed to develop strategic and annual plans and customer service charters.