Kashihakumwa establishes security academy

15 Jun 2017 10:30am
By Mathias Nanghanda
EDIMBA, 15 JUN (NAMPA) – Former commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa has established a security academy under his Tobias Hainyeko Trading Enterprises company.
Kashihakumwa confirmed this in an interview with Nampa at his home village, Edimba, near Eenhana in the Ohangwena Region on Tuesday.
The academy offers security and intelligence training to private security firms, individuals and members of the Men and Women Network against Crime.
“Private security companies are our prime target, because their guards are entrusted with the duties at strategic Government points such as hospitals where safety is paramount,” said Kashihakumwa.
He said he will not train lawless people, therefore the names of interested persons will be screened by NamPol for criminal records.
Training will for the time being be conducted at his plot at the Edimba village, where a shooting range has already been created, and it is where the trainees will be accommodated in tents.
Prospective security guards will receive one-month training in security guard ethics, self-defence without using a firearm, dress code, drilling, saluting and how to handle a firearm.
“Individuals who want to be trained on how to handle a firearm, are also welcome to receive training at our academy here,” the ex-Oshana NamPol commander said.
The training is offered at a fee of N.dollars 2 000 for one month. Retired commanders of NamPol and Namibia Defence Force (NDF) would serve as instructors.
Four private security companies have already shown interest in bringing their guards for training to the academy.
The date for the first intake will be determined once the academy has acquired 250 to 300 interested persons who passed the criminal record screening.
Kashihakumwa obtained his first security experience in exile during the struggle for Namibia’s independence from South African colonisers.
The former police officer said he consulted many people about his idea to establish a security academy. These include Founding President Sam Nujoma, former President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Presidential Affairs’ Minister Frans Kapofi, Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa and NamPol Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga.
Kashihakumwa retired from NamPol at the age of 57 after being instrumental in the reduction of crime in the Oshana Region, where he served as regional commander from 2006 until towards the end of 2015.
Kashihakumwa was appointed at the dawn of Namibia’s independence on 21 March 1990 as a senior security officer at State House during Nujoma’s reign. He was entrusted to bring Nujoma home from exile in 1989, and established the NamPol unit that provides protection to very important persons in 1996.
Kashihakumwa also served as a lieutenant in the NDF and an investigating officer at the Ministry of Works and Transport.