Walvis Bay Municipality pins hopes on Farm 37

14 Jun 2017 12:00pm
WALVIS BAY, 14 JUN (NAMPA) – The process of developing a new township on Farm 37 could take up to five years, the Walvis Bay Municipality chief executive officer (CEO) has said.
Speaking during a community meeting here on Tuesday, Muronga Haingura said existing “red tape” surrounding some of the procedures needed to finalise the development is contributing to the lengthy period.
“At the moment we are doing the layout and design of the township,” he told residents, most of whom rent backyard shacks.
Since last year, landless residents here have pressured council to give them land and had seized council land on several occasions from which they were forcefully evicted.
Responding to this need, the municipality applied for Farm 37 from the Namibia Planning Advisory Board and it received the go-ahead last month.
Farm 37 is situated south of Walvis Bay, near the famous Dune 7.
Haingura said a lengthy process has begun to realise the initiative.
This involves designing the township, doing a geo-technological study and survey, getting approval from the township board as well as consent from the line ministry, and then gazetting the proposed new development.
“Only after we went through all these can we now think about construction, but there is also a question of lack of money,” he said.
Deputy Mayor, Hilka Erastus assured residents that despite all these challenges, the development will indeed take place.
“It is a reality and we are confident that we will not come back to you and say we cannot build there anymore,” she said.
The development is expected to solve land scarcity at the harbour town, affecting more than 65 000 people.