Oshakati fights malaria next week

25 Oct 2013 12:20pm
OSHAKATI, 25 OCT (NAMPA) - The Oshakati Town Council (OTC), in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, will carry out an intensive malaria vector spraying programme from Monday to 30 November 2013.
Spokesperson of the council, Jackson Muma told Nampa earlier this week that the exercise has been necessitated by the 2012 Malaria statistics of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which indicated that malaria cases are increasing in urban areas compared to rural areas.
The spraying programme aims to reduce cases of malaria in Oshakati as much as possible.
According to Muma, the spraying exercise will cover the town of Oshakati in its entirety - starting from Oshakati West, and proceeding to Oshakati East and all informal settlements.
He pointed out that the spraying work will take place between 08h00 to 17h00.
A chemical referred to as K Othrine will be used in the process, but in a small scale of 2.5 cm³/psm (cubic centimeters, per square meter) inside living rooms.
Muma noted that the K Othrine chemical has been recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the malaria vector control and has no side effects when used at a recommended rate.
“It does not have colour and does not make runoffs to spoil the sprayed surface. The K Othrine differs from dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), which is usually used in rural areas,” the OTC spokesperson said.
The OTC, Muma said, is requesting all the residents to accord their utmost cooperation and full support to the officials who will be approaching their houses regarding that spraying programme.
“Residents are also advised to leave attendants at their houses to assist during the period of spraying,” he urged, adding that it should be noted that the officials will not spray any house which does not have anybody to assist.
In case of any eventualities, residents are encouraged to contact the office of the OTC on time.
The Ongwediva Town Council has also started with a similar malaria spraying exercise earlier this week.