Budgets cuts no excuse for not meeting targets: PM

12 Jun 2017 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 12 JUN (NAMPA) – Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has warned permanent secretaries that budget cuts will not be accepted as justification for Offices/Ministries/Agencies not meeting their targets.
The Premier, who addressed permanent secretaries at a meeting in the capital Monday, explained that there is considerable uncertainty about international economic developments.
She added that signals of rising protectionism and global political unrest may further taint the economic outlook.
“This would make it a greater challenge for us to meet our development targets, unless we put in extra effort,” she said.
Kuugongelwa-Amadhila explained that as a result of the negative economic developments, Namibia experienced lower tax revenue collections which resulted in a reduction in budget allocation and in the adoption of a fiscal consolidation strategy.
The Prime Minister called on the permanent secretaries to find ways to do things in a more innovative and efficient manner and still meet the targets they are expected to meet.
Kuugongelwa-Amadhila made it clear that this does not mean cutting back on expenditure on the most pressing priorities, but saving through efficiency gains and directing such savings to priorities.
This will ensure that the government secures the realisation of important policy targets such as those under the Harambee Prosperity Plan and the fifth National Development Plan (NDP5).
She further noted that questions have been raised as to whether NDP5 will be realised given the current financial circumstances, and added that there are countries that operate on much lower budgets of up to 30 per cent of their national budget, but who produce impressive results.
“I cannot accept that because of the financial situation we cannot do what we are expected to do, in fact through efficiency improvement we should be able to realise savings and strengthen the outcome of our performance,” the Premier warned.
NDP5, launched at the end of last month, is the fifth in a series of seven National Development Plans aimed at implementing and achieving the objectives and aspirations of Vision 2030.