Stray bullet hits woman in bed

10 Jun 2017 15:50pm
WALVIS BAY, 10 JUN NAMPA – A 32-year-old woman from Kuisebmund, Walvis Bay on Sunday endured the pain of a bullet stuck in her right arm.
The stray bullet hit her while asleep at home with her boyfriend.
Deputy Commissioner of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Erongo Region, Erastus Iikuyu told Nampa on Saturday the bullet, fired from a pistol at a nearby bar, passed through the shack and hit Josefine Elifas.
She was first taken to Walvis Bay State Hospital and later transferred to Katutura State Hospital in Windhoek for the bullet to be removed.
Iikuyu said Elifas is in a stable health condition.
A 31-year-old male suspect on the matter was arrested at Oshivelo roadblock on Wednesday.
Iikuyu said the man allegedly stole the pistol from a friend’s room that evening and was fled to the North.
The suspect allegedly took the gun for reasons still to be established.
According to the commissioner, while at the bar, the suspect realised the weapon was loaded and tried to unload it but the bullet went off and hit the woman.
Iikuyu said a cartridge was found at the bar and the weapon was also found in Walvis Bay.
The suspect will be charged with attempted murder and is expected to appear in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Police also found the rightful owner of the pistol, who might be slapped with negligent charges for not safely storing his gun.
Iikuyu said police established that the gun owner does not have a safe for his weapon.
“He kept the gun under his pillow instead of a safe. That is very dangerous to him and the community,” said Iikuyu.
While thanking the community for their cooperation in arresting the suspect, Iikuyu warned that guns should be kept in safes.