DRC residents should cooperate with service providers

07 Jun 2017 16:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 07 JUN (NAMPA) - The Swakopmund Municipality has requested that residents of the DRC informal settlement cooperate with service providers currently at work in the settlement.
The installation of water, sewer pipes and electrical services started last year in DRC Proper and Extension 28.
At a community meeting Tuesday night, the town authority provided feedback and updates on development projects undertaken in the previous and current financial year.
“Please give way to service providers if you see that the line pass through your dwelling. Only with your cooperation can we finish the work and develop DRC,” Mayor Paulina Nashilundo said.
The municipality struggled to demarcate erven as people settled in the area illegally.
People whose shacks are situated on the land where servicing needs to be done, were asked to move while they wait for land to be allocated to them.
Some residents at the meeting expressed concern over the pace at which services are provided, saying they have been waiting for a very long time for toilets and electricity.
“Please make sure the pits are filled immediately because people might fall into them. Also relocate those who are affected,” a woman asked.
Others said they feared people who just moved to DRC from Walvis Bay might receive erven before those who have been staying there for a while now.
Acting Chief Executive Officer Marco Swartz said residents must be patient as development takes time, although the fact that work is underway is something they should be proud of.
“We at least have something going on, we have kick-started the development process, so let us not treat it like nothing is happening.”
Swartz said so far, 60 per cent of sewer and water infrastructure is installed in DRC Proper, while civil and electrical services are 85 per cent complete in DRC Extension 28.
He said the council also last year replaced spotlights at sport stadiums in Mondesa and Vineta and repaired the fence around Tamariskia sport field.
Swartz said the construction of the multi-purpose centre in Mondesa is ongoing, with N.dollars 6 million allocated for that purpose.
With regards to land provision, more than 20 erven were sold in Mondesa Extension 26 and more than 100 in Matutura Extensions 34 and 35.