Omaruru can flourish through smart partnerships: Shaanika

03 Jun 2017 11:10am
OMARURU, 03 JUN (NAMPA) - Businesses in Omaruru can flourish through smart partnership with the local government, Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Chief Executive Officer Tarah Shaanika said during an information session here on Thursday.
He appealed to businesses to unite in advocating for a viable business environment for their investments.
“We want to create a NCCI branch, one platform where we can address common challenges and opportunities, by creating a working partnership for Omaruru,” Shaanika said.
He urged business owners to not just complain, but to take action through advocacy.
The business owners present at the meeting spoke of some of the challenges they face.
“Politics has had a bad influence on the Omaruru business environment, the town is dirty and the water and sewerage services are bad,” co-owner of Omaruru Spar, Bobby Griebel said.
He said since 2013 when the line ministry suspended the council, there has been no proper dialogue between the council and the local business community.
“We are expected to beg for services we pay for,” he said.
Omaruru Mayor Vincent Kahua and six other councillors were suspended without pay by former Minister of Regional and Local Government Charles Namoloh in 2013, pending investigations into allegations of maladministration at the council.
According to Griebel the suspension held the community hostage while burdening the current council elected in 2015 with unresolved issues.
Serron Nghoshi, a young entrepreneur, said people struggle to register their businesses, leaving them prey to fake consultants.
Another entrepreneur, Tjino Ndjahera, told Nampa on the sidelines of the meeting that people need to explore other businesses besides shebeens, car washes and salons.
“We can do this though training, networking and advocacy,” he said.
Shaanika committed himself to facilitating a working relationship between the chamber and the municipality so that issues of concern such as high rates and taxes and land for businesses can be addressed.
“We need all businesses in Omaruru to unite under the NCCI, to engage government, facilitate markets through networking and create a pool of suppliers, especially to the mines,” he said.
Once businesses and the council start engaging each other, they will realise that they want the same things for the town, said the NCCI chief.