Nafpu loses another labour case

30 May 2017 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 30 MAY (NAMPA) – A legal bid by the Namibia Football Players’ Union (Nafpu) for the Namibia Premier League (NPL) to recognise the union as the exclusive bargaining agent for players, has failed.
Arbitrator Alina Indombo of the Office of the Labour Commissioner dismissed the matter with no cost in a Labour Court ruling dated 29 May 2017.
The arbitrator was required to rule whether or not there is an employer/employee relationship between the NPL and players.
Indombo said she failed to understand how a registered trade union seek a recognition agreement with the NPL who is not an employer of footballers.
“Consequently, I am in concurrence with the respondent’s (NPL) argument that there is no employer/employee relationship between the parties and the applicant’s representative in his submission has not objected to the issue of employer/employee relationship put before him…,” said Indombo.
In his submission, the applicant’s representative, Nafpu Secretary-General Olsen Kahiriri, argued that their members, and NPL footballers in general, render services to the NPL and are economically dependent on the monthly grant the NPL provides clubs.
Representative of the respondent, Joshua //Hoebeb, who is the NPL administrator, told the court players sign contracts with their individual clubs and not with the NPL.
//Hoebeb further stated that the players through or with the assistance of the union can refer any dispute to the Labour Commissioner citing individual clubs and not the NPL.
The ruling is final and binding on both parties.
In October last year, Nafpu took the Namibia Football Association (NFA) to the Labour Court on similar charges and lost the case after Commissioner Nicolas Mouers ruled that the union’s request to engage the NFA in relation to players’ outstanding payments by their clubs was irregular and unprocedural.