Namibians too dependent on government: JNC

26 May 2017 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 26 MAY (NAMPA) – Junior National Council members Friday morning debated the causes of poverty and why Namibians are not innovative, as well as Government’s role in promoting Namibian enterprises for economic development.
The debate on economic development, financial literacy and poverty eradication through entrepreneurship raised awareness on how young people start businesses and their role to poverty eradication.
Speaking in the National Council (NC) chambers on Friday, Junior Regional Councillor in the Zambezi Region, Dorcas Mukwambo suggested that free land be allocated to entrepreneurs as this would help them avoid the extra expense of having to pay rent for business premises.
She also proposed that Government build a mall exclusively for Namibian entrepreneurs to help the country reach Vision 2030.
Mukwambo further noted that government helps out Namibians too much, however, it would be better if they felt the brunt of poverty, for them to become proactive and identify business opportunities.
“We are too dependent on government. We need to create opportunities for ourselves,” she said.
Mukwambo made reference to the Zambezi Region, were she said business opportunities are available as resources such as water for irrigation, crocodiles and fish are accessible.
“I know some countries breed crocodiles and sell them to neighbouring countries. Why can we not do the same? We need to use our own resources too,” she said.
Local entrepreneur, Peter Hatupopi said in his presentation on poverty eradication through entrepreneurship that Namibia needs more entrepreneurs who specialise in one industry or skill, instead of “tenderpreneurs” – someone who makes money from government tenders.
He said about 70 per cent of “tenderpreneurs” in the country are in the construction industry.
Hatupopi also noted that corruption and mismanagement of State resources are the main factors killing entrepreneurs and slowing down industrialisation.
“We do not have room for corruption in Namibia, so any person busy with such practices should go and live in the sea, because there is not room for them in this country,” Junior Regional Councillor in Kavango East, Richard Mario, said.
He noted that money allocated for starting a business and used for other purposes is corruption.
The young Members of Parliament also called on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to start creating awareness on corruption in schools and educate the youth on what corrupt activities are.