Junior National Council must strive for unity

24 May 2017 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 24 MAY (NAMPA) – The first Junior National Council (JNC) must be independent thinkers, respect those they represent and strive for unity amongst the youth.
Speaker of the Children’s Parliament, Norman Ndeuyeeka made these remarks during the official opening of the first JNC at the National Council (NC) on Wednesday.
The JNC’s first session is taking place under the theme ‘Parliament engages youth perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals’.
The 42 JNC members, who were drawn from all 14 regions, will represent all 121 constituencies for two years.
Ndeuyeeka said as representatives and servants of the people, the junior councillors should use their time in the NC as a platform to create a sense of unity amongst the youth.
He noted that Namibia achieved its independence because the generation that fought for freedom were united.
However, today, the youth “lack unity as they are fighting each other and not for the same cause”.
He said the JNC must foster a change in the youth’s mind-set and remain united, regardless of tribe and colour.
The Speaker warned the JNC from being used as a mouthpiece for the agendas of seniors and asked them to instead to remain loyal to the youth by being independent thinkers who represent the youth of Namibia. Ndeuyeeka asked the JNC to excel both academically and as councillors.
“Balance national duties with academic duties, because if you fail at school; you fail the nation. You cannot afford to fail.”
The JNC will have its first session on Thursday, whereby gender equality and will be discussed. The Council will also elect its chairperson, vice-chairperson and chief whip, before taking their oaths.