Pensioner accuses nephew of squandering his money

May 23, 2017, 3:54 pm
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By William J. Mbangula A 76 years old pensioner Pulomwenyo Fernando Kondjeni from Omatando no.2 village near Ongwediva town has accused his nephew Matheus Shimwafeni of misusing his money. Shimwafeni, himself also a 61 years old pensioner lives in Omaruru after he abandoned his homestead at Omatando no.2 village without any explanation. The aggrieved Kondjeni lives in the house of Shimwafeni. Kondjeni, who is now half-paralysed has been living in the village for about ten years after having worked at various places in Namibia and South Africa. He is fluent in both Namibian and South African languages. Since he became vulnerable he appointed his nephew to be in charge of his money but he is now regretting for making such a bad decision. Kondjeni accuses Shimwafeni of intercepting the money at the bank and misusing the money for his personal needs. Apparently Shimwafeni only comes home after six or more months and he only gives him NS100. "I want to receive my money directly from the paying agency. No more through the involvement of Shimwafeni. He is nowhere to be seen while I am suffering from hunger and poverty," he said. Another problem which has compounded the plight of Kondjeni is the fact that Shimwafeni's homestead does not receive drought relief food even though it fairly qualifies. A neighbour of Shimwafeni told Lela that Kondjeni only survives through the charity and goodwill of Good Samaritans in and around Shimwafeni's homestead. If it was not for the assistance from the neighbours and passerbyes, Kondjeni could have died of hunger. "You have seen for yourself when he collapsed in front of you right now," the source said. Kondjeni was going a short distance from the interviewer to relief himself when he collapsed and with much difficulty he picked up himself. Meaningful efforts were made to trace Shimwafeni for the purpose of this article but was not reachable on his mobile phone. Kondjeni's plight was reported to the local Swapo branch which forwarded a written report to the Councillor of Okatana Constituency, the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare as well as to the Epupa old age paying agency. ends