Campaigns In Grootfontein By-election Hit Top Gear

26 May 2013 04:30

GROOTFONTEIN, 26 MAY (NAMPA) ? Several opposition parties that are contesting the Grootfontein Constituency by-election, held star rallies here on Saturday to campaig for their candidates.
Voting in the Grootfontein Constituency by-election will take place on Thursday, 30 May 2013.
The candidates contesting the by-election are Hamutenya Hausiku of All People?s Party (APP), Prieska Kahuure of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), Sedekias Naobeb of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), Theo-Nesta Katjinamunene for Swanu of Namibia, Julenda Willemse of the DTA of Namibia and Nelao Amagulu for Swapo Party.
On Saturday at about 10h00, an RDP convoy of cars started driving around the streets of Grootfontein with supporters shouting the name of the party candidate, Naobeb.
Members of the party later attended a rally, which was addressed by RDP Secretary-General Jesaya Nyamu.
RDP regional and national executive members like Member of Parliament and Secretary for Foreign Affairs Kandy Nehova, Secretary for Legal Affairs Veii Kavemunu and Secretary for Agriculture Rudolf Kamburona were also present at the rally.
Nyamu said his rally was not well attended because some people in Grootfontein still fear coming out publicly in support of the opposition party.
He said some RDP members in Grootfontein had told him that they fear being victimised at home and/or at work if they are seen attending a rally of any party other than Swapo.
?But whatever difficulties we are facing in this country, we have to change the situation through you by firstly taking over this Grootfontein constituency leadership. I am convinced that the people of Grootfontein are fed-up with the Swapo-Party led government. We must, therefore, take over this constituency next Thursday for change,? Nyamu said.
He urged all RDP supporters to remain vigilant and to strengthen their campaign strategies so that they can convince more people to join the party.
Nudo also held its final rally here on Saturday, with party president Kuaima Riruako calling on
Grootfontein residents to vote for Kahuure.
?You must vote for him because he is hardworking and competent enough to bring development to your town,? said the Nudo leader.
Riruako told the crowd that the ruling Swapo Party has failed to bring development to Grootfontein over the past 23 years of independence.
He said he was dismayed to see that people were still flocking to Swapo rallies despite the party?s failure to develop the town.
?I call upon residents of this area to rally behind Nudo and its candidate so that we bring change to this area,? said Riruako.
Swanu President Usutuaije Maamberua said Katjinamunene was ?born and bred? in Grootfontein, and people here are well aware of her competencies and what she can do for them.
On her part, Katjinamunene said she wants to become the new Grootfontein Regional Councillor so that she can fight for the electrification of informal settlements in the Grootfontein area. She said she will also support programmes that are meant to assist street kids in Grootfontein.
The APP failed to hold its rally on Saturday after only a handful of people (fewer than 10) showed up at the venue at 10h00.
According to the party candidate Hamutenya Hausiku, who is also the chairperson of the APP Grootfontein district, the rally was postponed to Sunday due to the low turnout.
As a result, three political parties ? the DTA of Namibia, Swapo Party and the APP were now expected to hold their final star rallies on Sunday.
About 17 000 people have been registered to vote in the Grootfontein Constituency by-election.
The Grootfontein Constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region has been without a councillor since the death of Bromeus Matheus in March this year.
The 41-year-old Matheus was a Swapo-Party member. He died in the Ongwediva Medical Park after a short illness and was laid to rest on 09 March 2013 at Oshikuku in the Omusati Region.