Mother pleads not guilty to baby murder

22 May 2017 15:10pm
ONDANGWA, 22 MAY (NAMPA) - A woman accused of murdering and concealing the body of her new-born on 15 October 2015 has pleaded not guilty.
The incident allegedly happened at Onamulunga village in the Ondangwa area in the Oshana Region.
Making her second court appearance in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday for plea and trial, Elizabeth Gustav Nangolo from Onamulunga village said she understood that taking a life was wrong but she did it in response to pain.
“I may have taken someone's life, which is wrong, however I am not guilty of any crimes as I killed the baby because I was in excruciating pain.”
It is alleged she gave birth to a baby (sex unknown), before throwing the new-born into a dam to kill and conceal the body.
She is being charged with two counts of murder, with the second falling on the alleged act of concealing the body.
Nangolo, who is reportedly psychologically unstable, was Monday unable to testify any further because she is on medication for her condition, according to her defence lawyer Lameck Mukondomi.
Nangolo appeared before Magistrate Petrus Nangula and Prosecutor Bruna Muterembi represented the State.
The accused has been out on a warning since her release from police custody in October 2015.
The case was postponed to 03 August for the Prosecutor General's decision in the matter.