Mariental residents to pay more in tariffs

18 May 2017 15:00pm
REHOBOTH, 18 MAY (NAMPA) – The Mariental Municipality on Tuesday approved its budget for the new financial year.
The budget saw an increment in tariffs for some of the services provided by the Mariental Municipality.
The budget is effective 1 July 2017.
Speaking to Nampa on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of Mariental Municipality Paul Nghiwilepo said tariff increases were necessitated by increases by the two bulk utility suppliers, NamWater and Nampower.
NamPower recently increased its tariff to 8 per cent for Municipalities and Regional Council effective from 1 July.
“Although we know about the financial struggles of the people, our tariff increases were necessitated by increases from NamWater and NamPower. We have however not increased tariffs on property taxes”, Nghiwilepo noted.
The tariff increase will see consumers of the southern town fork out an extra 10 per cent on electricity, 13 per cent on water and an additional 10 per cent on refuse removal.
The total estimated income for the municipality is projected to be N. dollars 105 156 287.00 with an estimated total expenditure of N. dollars 105,014 032.00 leaving a budget surplus of N. dollars 142, 255.00.
A total of N. dollars 24,722 630.00 will go towards capital projects, according to the new budget.
For the salary bill, the municipality will fork out N. dollars 28,586 743.00, which represents an estimated 27, 22 per cent of the operation budget.
The Municipality expects N. dollars 62,966 377.00, amounting to 59, 9 per cent from electricity and a further N. dollars 16,916 813.30, amounting to 16 per cent from water.
A further N. dollars 3 083 023.09, amounting to 2, 93 per cent income is expected from household refuse removal with sewerage income expected to bring in estimated N. dollars 2 524 474.00 a total of 2. 4 per cent.