Mondesa residents fight fire together

18 May 2017 14:10pm
SWAKOPMUND, 18 MAY (NAMPA) - Residents of Mondesa in Swakopmund on Wednesday afternoon joined fire-fighters from the municipality to save blazing shacks from obliteration.
A large crowd was gathered around the burning structures when Nampa arrived at the scene when many were extinguishing the fires with water, sand and clothes.
Some risked being burnt when they held their breath and dashed through the thick smoke to retrieve what belonged to them.
Most of the shack owners were at work and were informed by their neighbours over the phone.
Tears were rolling down the cheeks of many as a fire swept across their possessions such as beds, kitchen appliances and blankets.
Fire-fighters, who arrived on time and managed to control the fire, confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that 10 shacks were destroyed.
Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator of the Namibian Police Force, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu on Thursday said the cause of the fire is under investigation.
He said it started from one shack and spread to the rest.
“Nobody was injured, only property burnt. Investigations continue,” Iikuyu said.
In an unrelated report on Wednesday afternoon, the decomposed body of Herbert Wolfgang Ralph Fritz, 81 was discovered in his flat at Marlene Court in Swakopmund’s Industrial area.
Iikuyu said a gardener and neighbours alerted the police of an odour from the flat, which led to the discovery.
The police report on the incident said the windows and doors were locked, and keys were found in the locks inside.
Fritz was allegedly staying alone and the police say neighbours claim to have not seen him for about three weeks.
“No foul play is suspected and a post-mortem will be conducted on his body to determine the cause of death,” said the commissioner.
Police investigations continue.