People should do EFTs instead of carrying cash: City Police

17 May 2017 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – City Police Chief Abraham Kanime has cautioned members of the public to refrain from carrying large sums of money and to rather opt for electronic transactions.
The City Police have dealt with four such cases of robbery since last week, of which the last one was on Tuesday where somebody lost close to N.dollars 25 000.
At a media briefing here on Wednesday, Kanime said robbers have a strategy of sitting at various financial institution such as banks and pretending to use such services, while in actual fact they are out scouting for people who are withdrawing money.
“They know that people normally withdraw large amount of money inside the bank, so after you get the money they will follow you to your car and grab the money,” he said.
He further called on people to avoid leaving valuable items in their cars, as robbers target such vehicles by jamming the vehicle’s locking systems using remote control devices for gates.
On Wednesday, the City Police caught three suspects red-handed breaking into a car with a laptop inside at Aussplanplatz.
“The owner thought she had locked her vehicle, but the suspects jammed the car with a gate remote control and gain excess,” said Kanime.
Only one suspect, aged 30, was arrested and the other two are still on the run.
The City Police Chief noted that these crimes are more common in areas such as Ausspanplatz and the Southern and Northern Industrial Areas.
The City Police have confiscated about 200 gate remote controls over the past two years.