Hakahana development to come with responsibility: Omaruru Mayor

16 May 2017 19:00pm
OMARURU, 16 MAY (NAMPA) - Omaruru Mayor Hendrina Gebhardt has warned residents of Hakahana settlement in Omaruru that the development they have been demanding comes with added financial responsibility.
She made the remarks during a community meeting at Mabokke Stadium on Sunday.
Gebhardt told those who have been assigned erven to pay off of their land or make lease agreements.
According to proposed tariffs that will come into operation on 01 July 2017, serviced low income residential land will be N.dollars 40 per square meter, while those who choose to lease will have to pay N.dollars 250 per month.
“When council installed prepaid water meters for you last year, we also told you to start buying TV and microwaves. In a few weeks, Erongo will install prepaid electricity boxes,” Gebhardt said.
The mayor added that residents will now have to pay a once-off connection fee of N.dollars 501.51, and then start preparing for the electricity.
According to Gebhardt, the replacement costs for the prepaid water meter is N.dollars 2 700, while monthly basic charges are N.dollars 44.77; refuse removal is set at N.dollars 89.21 and the re-connection fee after disconnection is set at N.dollars 173.
“The development we want comes with all these responsibilities, so if you used to sell one bucket of fat cakes, now you should sell two,” she told residents of Hakahana and 7de Laan.
According to the mayor, the formalisation of Hakahana will also mean protection for learners as new shebeens will have to ask their neighbours for permission before a fitness certificate is issued.
“Now is the time to protect our future leaders - let them eat, play, learn and sleep,” she said, adding that churches, businesses and playgrounds facilities will all be catered for in the newly formalised settlement.