Learners Charged For Gang Stabbings

25 May 2013 11:20

KEETMANSHOOP, 25 MAY (NAMPA) ? Two male learners from P.K de Villiers Secondary School in Keetmanshoop are facing assault charges after they allegedly stabbed a fellow pupil in a gang fight.
Egan Fredericks, 18, a member of the Noordhoek Kwaito Boys (NKB) laid assault charges against his alleged attackers from Tabakan, a local Kwaito dance group. The two alleged attackers are 16 and 17 years old.
A fight allegedly broke out between members of Tabakan and NKB at Club Vibe in the Kronlein residential area on 06 April, apparently after an argument about which group is the best in town.
During the fight at Club Vibe, a 16-year-old learner from Tabakan allegedly stabbed Fredericks five times with a knife in the back.
Though both groups are made up of school learners from P.K de Villiers, Tabakan has some dancers who no longer attend school.
Speaking to Nampa at the police charge office on Friday, as the boys were charged in the presence of their parents, Detective Inspector Douglas Hanse of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Keetmanshoop said the deepest of the stab wound was five centimetres deep.
When the school started on Tuesday, Fredericks allegedly attacked the learner who later stabbed him at the club, but that learner apparently decided not to fight back because he wanted to make peace with Fredericks.
His efforts to make peace were, however, shot down by his own gang members, who retaliated and attacked Fredericks on Thursday morning in the school yard.
During that scuffle, Fredericks was stabbed with a scissor in the chest by a 17-year-old Tabakan dancer.
?I was sitting with my girlfriend when they came and attacked me. One guy stabbed me in the chest,? reads Fredericks statement.
He was treated at the hospital and was in good health after that.
Hanse advised the two groups to stop fighting, as it will not take them anywhere in life.
He said such behaviour will tarnish their public image and jeopardise their chances of receiving sponsorships.
?You are supposed to focus on your studies and not fight. When someone starts a fight, don?t fight back. Rather report the matter to the police. That does not make you a coward but a responsible person. We, as parents, are who we are today because of our good conduct,? the detective advised.
The mother of the 16-year-old learner said she has always been telling her boy to avoid fights because they will land him in trouble one day.
Police released the learners into the care of the parents, on condition that they bring them to court on Monday.
?The police, school and parents should work together to stop this situation before it gets worse, We know it will get ugly one day if we do not act on it soon,? Hanse cautioned.