Oshana residents reject wintertime

14 May 2017 21:30pm
ONDANGWA, 14 MAY (NAMPA) – Residents in Oshana Region have agreed that Namibia should return to using one standard time as per the Namibian Time Bill tabled by Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration (MHAI) on 22 February.
This was said at a public hearing on Friday on the Bill held by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security at Ondangwa.
The Namibian Time Act No. 3 of 1994, provides for what is now commonly known as winter and summer time, which has however raised concerns with some people claiming that it impacts adversely on certain sector activities according to the committee's Chairperson, Levi Katoma.
In addition, Zambezi Region is also completely cut off when the rest of the country shifts to wintertime, as they don’t.
Cabinet authorised the MHAI in October 2015, to conduct public consultations on the Namibian Time Act.
Some of the residents at the meeting said the standard time, which is summer time, is more appropriate especially to householders who are both employed in an 08h00-17h00 job and have mahangu fields to maintain.
“If I knock off and arrive home by 17h00, I would still be able to go and get some work done in my field because the sun would still be far from [setting],” said a resident from nearby Ondangwa.
Another resident, who is also a local teacher, said winter time is unsafe for students who would want to stay behind for afternoon study sessions as by the time they knock off, the sun would have set and it would be unsafe for them to walk home.
“There is also very limited time for teachers to complete the syllabus during winter time because teachers would want to make use of afternoon classes to cover what could not be covered during normal lessons. With it getting dark it would be near impossible,” he said.
The delegation is now headed to Oshikoto Region and is expected to compile the final report on 25 May 2017.