Security guards posted at Ondonga hall

14 May 2017 18:50pm
OLUNO, 14 MAY (NAMPA) – Acting Secretary of the disputed Ondonga Traditional Authority Council (OTAC), Nepando Amupanda, is accused of preventing members of the Ondonga community from holding meetings in the authority’s hall at Oluno near Ondangwa.
Amupanda was accused by participants of an Ondonga community meeting held in a municipal hall also at Ondangwa Town’s Oluno suburb on Saturday.
Suspended OTA councillors convened the meeting where one of the suspended senior councillors, John Walenga, informed the attendees that the case he opened in the High Court in Windhoek recently was scraped from the roll without any hearing.
A large number of members of the community attended the meeting, chaired by another suspended councillor, Vilho Kamanya.
Walenga said he was mandated by the Ondonga community during their first meeting held in the OTA hall on 15 April to ask the High Court to order Ondonga King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas’ wife Cecilia to stop interfering in OTA affairs.
He was also supposed to ask the court to issue an order that would allow Elifas’ personal assistant and possible successor, Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo, and suspended chairperson of the OTAC, Peter Kauluma access to the ailing Elifas.
High Court Judge Shafimana Ueitele dismissed the urgent application on the grounds that the applicants represented by Walenga instituted legal action without obtaining authorisation from an authoritative body or person operating within the jurisdiction of the OTA.
Walenga told the meeting that their case will be re-submitted on a date yet to be decided. However, Walenga and another suspended councillor, Kashona Kamalulu, demanded to know why security guards were deployed to prevent them from gathering at the OTA hall.
“That hall belongs to the public,” Kamalulu told the meeting. Approached for comment, Amupanda confirmed his office had deployed a number of private security guards for the hall not to be used by people without authorisation.
“They never came to us to ask for the use of the OTA hall,” Amupanda replied, adding that suspended OTA councillors had no right to use OTA facilities.
Joseph Asino (secretary), Tonata Ngulu, Joseph Akawa and Fillemon Nambili are the other OTA councillors suspended for allegedly summoning King Elifas to court for appointing Ester gwaShamba Nepando as senior councillor of Uukwanambwa District.