Child upbringing should be collective - Geingos

14 May 2017 18:00pm
OUTAPI, 14 MAY (NAMPA) – First Lady Monica Geingos said Saturday that the bringing up of children should not be restricted to parents alone but involve everyone in the community.
Geingos said this would help contribute to a child’s holistic upbringing, as each community member will teach the child different values and beliefs in a positive way.
The First Lady was speaking during the second Safe Motherhood Educational campaign held in Outapi in the Omusati Region on Saturday.
The campaign, which was launched in 2016 by Geingos at Ongwediva Medipark private hospital, is aimed at focusing on the health of expectant women and their unborn babies, to improve maternal mortality rates.
Geingos, who is the patron of the campaign, stressed how the Namibian community is somewhat not putting in the much-needed effort into raising children.
“We are failing our children by spoiling them and not bringing them up the way our parents did in the past and then we want to complain that they have no manners. These kids are just living the way we brought them up,” she said.
Geingos urged couples to carefully plan their families to avoid finding themselves in situations where they are unable to take care of their children.
“A planned pregnancy is the most powerful poverty eradicating tool. Therefore, be cautious of when to have children and how many you have.”
The First Lady asked responsible fathers-to-be, to accompany their expectant spouses to events such as the safe motherhood initiative, as it will assist and educate them in bringing up the baby.
Medipark Director Doctor Tshali Iithete noted that the turnout of expectant mothers to last year’s event encouraged the hospital together with the office of the First Lady to take the initiative to other towns.
“We are very encouraged that the number of expectant mothers seeking health education is very high, hence bringing this event to Omusati Region and we do not plan on stopping here,” Iithete assured.
The director commended the First Lady for her commitment to health issues and her serious campaign for women and girl child's health issues, education and entrepreneurship.
The well-attended event ended with a free screening session for the expecting women, which included examining their haemoglobin levels among others, and providing treatment where possible.