Ongandjera community kill lion

13 May 2017 15:50pm
UUKWANDONGO, 13 MAY (NAMPA) – Human-wildlife conflict continues in the Omusati Region, with some members of the Ongandjera community putting down one of the four lions that have been killing their cattle at Omusati gwaShiningu since April.
Some community members on Thursday tracked down the four lions and managed to kill one, leaving the other three at large.
A resident identified only as Mathias used a 375 rifle Thursday afternoon to kill the lion whilst it was lying in the thick grassland near the cattle post area of Omusati gwaShiningu.
Members of the community went after the lions after they killed about eight cattle from different posts in the area since the previous day.
Andreas Ndakukamo said the lions killed four of his cattle, while Petrus Shapumba, said he had lost eight cattle to these lions.
“I lost a lot of my cattle killed by the lions since 1999,” Ndakukamo said adding that he had lost 18 cattle in the past few years.
The Ongandjera community say the lions escape from Etosha National Park, while officials of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism say they are unable to drive them all back to the park.
Two lions were also killed in the same area last month after attacking several cattle.
Ongandjera traditional norms require the body of a killed lion to be brought to the palace, hence the Omusati gwaShiningu community brought the lion they had killed to the palace at Uukwandongo village on Friday.
Meanwhile, the Amaupa village in the Omusati Region’s Uukwaluudhi Traditional District are facing a different problem of some 20 elephants destroying their crops in the past month.
The Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda, was not immediately available for comment.