Ongwediva is becoming dirty: Mayor

23 Oct 2013 13:30pm
ONGWEDIVA, 23 OCT (NAMPA) – Ongwediva mayor Jason Asino has reminded residents of his town to keep the town tidy by refraining from littering and dumping of refuse anywhere.
Asino issued this reminder whilst addressing a town council/residents consultative meeting here on Thursday last week.
“The town is now dirty because of random dumping of waste along the streets all over,” he said, adding that it is disappointing for Ongwediva, which is known as one of the cleanest towns in the country, to be turned into a ‘centre of garbage’.
The mayor told those at the meeting that the dumping of refuse haphazardly has the potential to discredit the town in the eyes of investors who seek to invest here.
Some of the residents also expressed concern about unoccupied plots, arguing that the town has allocated some plots to people, but these remain unoccupied and no development has taken place on them for years.
“Unoccupied plots are used by careless people as garbage sites and eventually become sources of refuse spreading to the neighbouring houses. The town council should do something about these plots to address the situation,” the meeting heard from some residents.
Residents in Ongwediva’s Okaku/Elymbala also complained recently of their area becoming polluted with plastic bags from the nearby refuse dumpsite of the town council.
Ongwediva’s dumpsite is situated at Okaku/Elyambala, some 5km from the centre of the town.